Planing to switch from LiveJournal to WordPress

Do you plan to switch your LiveJournal to WordPress? Yes? Then it is worth to read this article.
LiveJournal is a nice platform to publish your journal entries, however, it is extremely limited. This is one of the reasons why many users switch to WordPress. Coma Web Development provides for you a step by step guide how to change from LiveJournal to WordPress.

First steps moving from LiveJournal to WordPress

Before you start to follow the setting up guide, take your time to check which issues you may face.
Unfortunately, LiveJournal does not allow you to setup redirects. What does it mean? It means that visitors entering your old LiveJournal site will not be automatically redirected to your self-hosted WordPress site. Next issue which you have to consider are your old rankings. After deleting your old LiveJournal account, search engines will keep posting it in results for a period of time. Do not hope that that search engines will rank your new website straight away. Also, do not forget that WordPress will not import images from your previous site. In that occasion, you have two choices. First, you can download images from LiveJournal and upload them manually. Second, you can check tutorial how to import external images.

Reasons to switch to WordPress

The can be many reasons why you should switch to WordPress. In this article, we consider self-hosted but not the free blog. After we sorted out about WordPress version do we speak here, let’s look why it is relevant to move to WordPress. Comparing Livejournal and WordPress it is possible to state that LiveJournal is very limited in terms of controlling and displaying your journal. Of course, LiveJournal provides the variety of features like protected posts, friends, communities and many other features, but they still limited. That can be the reason to switch to WordPress, especially if you plan to expand your site. Also, WordPress provide you with a tool which creates password protected posts. However, WordPress do not offer communities features but you can always connect to other online communities. Using a WordPress forum plugin, you can even run your own community. Another advantage of WordPress it is its open source and freedom to use. You can provide, own, and do whatever you with your site and its content. Finally, you can make money out of your WordPress site.

Before you start WordPress

There are still some important things to consider. Before you start with WordPress make sure that you choose a good hosting company and your own domain name. The next step is to install WordPress on your hosting account. If you look for WordPress developer check Coma Web Development features and prices.

Importing content from LiveJournal to WordPress

WordPress comes together with a nifty import tool. That tool automatically imports your LiveJournal tags, comments, and entries into WordPress. Go in your Tools » Import page and click on LiveJournal. You will see a popup to install the LiveJournal importer plugin. During the LiveJournal importer plugin installation on your WordPress site, to click on activate the plugin and run importer link. LiveJournal Importer page will appear on your screen. All you need is to enter your LiveJournal username and password. That will allow you to access your content on LiveJournal. If you previously used the password to protect on your LiveJournal, then you have to enter the same password for the same posts on your WordPress. To finish all this procedure click on the ‘Connect to LiveJournal and Import’ button. WordPress will start to import your content. That may take some time. The importing process is divided into different steps. Some stages of the process may take longer if you have entries and comments. Do not worry about duplicate entries, the importer will ignore them. After all setup process is over you will get a message. It is time to start visiting post sections.

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