How to hire WordPress developer for a website development

Coma Web Development offering you a professional and functional suite of WordPress website services of the highest quality. Coma Web Development has a great experience in WordPress development. We work with different kinds of WordPress sites like small business website, blogs, eCommerce sites, sales funnels etc. Let us know how we can help you in your project. However, we still would like to to explain what a customer should consider working with WordPress developer. We prepared for you a list of functions which good WordPress developer should have.

Tips to hire WordPress developer.

  • The experience of good WordPress developer is an important factor to consider. A WordPress developer who has competed for nearly 50+ websites can be called as an experienced WordPress developer. However, the variety of websites may play a greater role. Make sure that he/she knows how to work with your type of website.
  • He/she should know in-depth how WordPress system works. Experienced WP developer should know themes, plugins, folder structure etc.
  • The WordPress developer should definitely have a knowledge in coding. He/she should have an experience in HTML, CSS, PHP and Mysql.
  • He/she need to have a good design eye. Some design skills like Photoshop are also essential for WP developer.
  • WP should be experienced in UI design, Image optimization, Mobile Responsive, Page Speed optimization and W3C.
  • He/she need to have an understanding in a search engine like Google in order to write or customize code accordingly.
  • Make sure that WP developer meet al deadlines. However, before that, it is important to explain what you want exactly. Clarify your goals and objectives of a website.
  • Of course, do not forget to check previous WordPress website projects. You can also contact the previous clients to get the feedback. Look at our projects.