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Coma Web Development provides a list of suggested WordPress newsletter plugins that includes a registration form. Newsletters are still counted as an important long-term component of online marketing which helps to retain customers. You will find out that some plugins can create and manage newsletters. Find the best WordPress newsletter plugin for your website. Make communication with your customers better. It is not the secret that newsletters are still an effective tool for sharing information with customers.

Finding the right WordPress newsletter plugins is not that easy. It can take you several days to pick up the right plugin. WordPress provides a great choice of different newsletter plugins. Remember that not all plugins are independent plugins. Some of them connect WordPress to an external newsletter service. It can be difficult to choose the right one straight away. Coma Web Development will optimize your decision-making process. Of course, subscription offers free service, however, to unlock all features payment is required. No worries! Different price categories are provided for you to choose the right plugin. As we mentioned previously, there is a wide range of plugins, just make sure that your WordPress version is compatible.

Take your time to read about popular WordPress newsletter plugins together with Coma.

MailPoet Newsletters

The free MailPoet Newsletters version allows unlimited e-mails up to 2000 customers, where you can complete WordPress newsletter package. There are several versions plugins. MailPoet Newsletter plugin is available for bloggers, agencies, and freelancers. Get the plugin version which fit you better. This plugin provides information about how many subscribers open newsletter and click on a featured link. You will get more than 50 templates to choose from. Also, get advantage from a drag-and-drop tool to build your newsletters features from scratch. MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin requires at least version 3.3.

Chimpy Newsletters

Most of you know MailChimp but not all know that Chimpy links the e-mail marketing system MailChimp to WordPress. First, you need to acquire a MailChimp API key. With this plugin, you will have a chance to send up to 12000 e-mail newsletters to 2000 subscribers each month. The plugin allows sync of all your existing WordPress customers. Also, you can add sign-up boxes with different settings for one WordPress project. However, this plugin requires at least WordPress version 3.5.

The Newsletter Plugin

If you wish to build and operate WordPress newsletter, the Newsletter Plugin provides all the necessary functions for that. All you need to download the plugin. All you need is to open the WordPress plugin folder and active it. In the free version, you find a visual editor for your e-mail newsletter. It allows you to send unlimited e-mails to unlimited recipients. The plugin requires WordPress at least version 3.4. The premium package is also available for you. The plugin offers support for premium account holders and also access to further extensions. The WordPress Newsletter Plugin offers you a detailed statistics about customers.

CleverReach Newsletter

CleverReach Newsletter free version allows sending 1000 e-mails up to 250 customers. Additional features are available after the payment. You can try a monthly subscription to get known with this plugin. Do not forget that with this plugin you can get up to 100000 recipients for your WordPress. CleverReach Newsletter operates not only with WordPress but also with other external services. This plugin requires API key to connect to WordrPress. API key will be sent to you during the registration. Then you will get a confirmation saying that software has been successfully integrated. In order to configure the newsletter sign-up box, you have to enter admin section. The plugin requires WordPress at least version 3.9.

MyMail Newsletter

As you already know, MyMail also works without an additional newsletter tool. This plugin requires at least WordPress 3.5. This plugin lets you create campaigns with pre-existing templates. Later you can modify these templates. Newsletters can be automatically sent to subscribers at the particular hours. Also, newsletters are optimized for mobile devices. That helps you to coordinate newsletters sending about WordPress entries. MyMail provides you list of existing WordPress users’ entries, or you can import recipient list as CSV file. MyMail plugin can be used for one website. Every next website needs an additional subscription charge.

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