Which WordPress gallery plugins should I use?

WordPress gallery plugins

Are you looking for WordPress gallery plugins? Still not sure which one to choose? Then this is the right article for you. Coma Web Development presents and compares some popular WordPress gallery plugins. Let’s start!

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery can be called as an easy plugin to use. This plugin will be added to your WordPress dashboard. You will load all necessary galleries quickly. No worries about the result. It will be an amazing one! The location of the gallery can be chosen by you. You can insert galleries into any post, page or widget. You have to go to the visual editor where you will see a button to insert galleries. That let you insert galleries in the different places. All you need is to give a title to your gallery and select images. You will find all the relevant customization settings also there. For instance, it can be columns, thumbnail size, layouts, animation and margin sizing. Be aware that the free version of this plugin comes only with just one gallery theme.


Creating galleries in seconds, which is possibly one of the main tools for the majority of people. All you need is to drag and drop images onto the page where you wish to place your gallery. After you can style the page in the way you like. There is no adjustment limitation for the borders, captions, padding, thumbnail and other settings. For those who are serious about style can check how the gallery looks with custom CSS. You will have a chance quickly and easy customize your WordPress site functions and looks. Get free trial together with support service and unlimited updates.

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is one of most known and famous WordPress gallery plugins. It used by many WordPress users. You can add images to a gallery from the Media library, a server folder or from your computer. In the occasion, if you need group galleries together this plugin can be especially useful for you. You can easy set up album which is a group of galleries. Find the ‘adding galleries’ button in the visual editor. Also, you can choose how to display albums. The one way is Basic Compact which is similar to thumbnails. The second one is Basic Extended which provides more details about the album. Be aware, that the plugin displays a link to your gallery as a slideshow if you choose to display your gallery as thumbnails. However, it will add a link to view your gallery as thumbnails if you initially display your gallery as a slideshow. What does it mean? It means that your visitors can choose to preview the gallery as a thumbnails or slideshow.

WP Canvas Gallery

The WP Canvas plugin extends the use of WordPress galleries. There will be no additional buttons implemented on the dashboard with this plugin. You will see all additional options on the right side to your page or post that let you define a number of columns and size of images. After plugin installation, the gallery settings expand to include more size options, caption options, display options, and more. The photo gallery can be displayed in a masonry format, as a carousel or as a slider. The plugin gives you variety of other options.

Gmedia Gallery

If you are looking for quickly sharing photos plugin then Gmedia Gallery is a good choice for you. To see the full-size image in a lightbox you have to click on an image in a gallery. Using the same lightbox you can easily share an image on a variety social media networks. You will find Gmedia button at the top of the visual editor when adding or editing a page or post. This plugin includes a video player and a music player by default. Also, find the variety display options which are referred as Modules in this plugin. Be aware, that seven different modules will be installed by default. No worries, you can add other modules for slideshows, photoblog, 3D sphere, 3D cube, a mosaic look and more. You will find a demo of each module on the official WordPress site.

Do not forget, before you start to set up this plugin you should either put images in an album, assigned to categories, assigned to tags or in the GM Media library. However, you need to know IDs to upload pictures. Instead of selecting an image, you have to insert IDs of the desired images. That may cause some inconvenience. On the other side, you will see a variety of options with a different degree of complexity for customizing your galleries.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery plugins provide the standard thumbnail display. Be aware that image enlarges slightly. Clicking on in a Photo Gallery, you will see an image in a larger version in a lightbox. ‘Photo Gallery’ button will be added to the WordPress dashboard. You will not struggle to use this plugin, like adding new galleries will be similar to adding a post. Embedding images from Instagram and Flickr can be done with this plugin. Images should be uploaded into the designed directory for this plugin by default. With this plugin, you can set a myriad of options for your gallery. Good news! Photo Gallery can be used to designate a text or image watermark for your images.

Foo Gallery

With this plugin, you can display your galleries in a variety of formats. Foo Gallery button will be allocated to the WordPress dashboard. Clicking on ‘Add Gallery’ enables you to create a gallery or you can easily create and add a gallery from the visual editor. This plugin is coming with several gallery templates, including a masonry layout and standard thumbnail display. You can specify a thumbnail size, image link options and other settings for most of the gallery templates. Be aware that a lightbox option is not available automatically with this plugin, so it should be installed separately.

We hope this article helped you to find which WordPress gallery plugins may fit your site. If you look for a professional WordPress developer we are happy to provide our service.

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