I want to create my website with WordPress CMS

Probably you asked yourself why should I use WordPress? Why is WordPress CMS better choice for me? What are advantages and disadvantages of it? In this article, we explain why WordPress CMS is a good choice. Take your time to overview features, new themes, plugins and WordPress CMS extensions.

As you already know CMS WordPress has been the premium blogging software for a long time. However, WordPress provides and supports business pages, web stores, and news portals. However, WordPress try to stay as simple as possible. That is a big advantage for the customers. An installation of WordPress takes few minutes and is explained step by step. If you wish to host your own WordPress site, do not forget about a web server, a MySQL, and PHP.

Those who prefer another approach can run a website on WordPress directly. All you need is to register on WordPress. There are two choices for you: free and premium package version. The free version is limited in its function and less web space is available. With paid premium package you get more web space, no ads, featuring a custom domain and other benefits.

Where should I start?

Hosting website might not be that easy, unlikely you are experienced. While WordPress download from wordpress.org is an optimal option for those, who wants to understand a website’s technical background. Also, it is a good opportunity for the beginners to learn about maintenance of the website and serves. WordPresss’ features diversity improves control over site management, making it even easier for beginners. If you are looking for more extended functions and themes, better to choose wordpress.org. The other WordPress variant also provides plugins but they are more limited.

For beginners or inexperienced users, we suggest starting with wordpress.com. Being a new to WordPress is better to focus on the content of the website than worrying about setting up a server and maintaining the system. You will not need to take care of general safety precautions and struggle to use the plugins. Everything will be simplified for you! It will take you less time and effort to create your website. However, if you wish to have a professional website and do not spend hours to make it, we offer a help for the reasonable price.

After we found out what is the difference between these two WordPress versions, let’s look at WordPress features. Next part of the article will focus more on self-hosted WordPress.

WordPress features

As we mentioned previously, WordPress is easy to use. Being a user of WordPress, you do not need to be experienced in PHP or HTML. Of course, there are many features but let’s look at the basic features. Writing the articles or improving existing content is an important part of success. In this occasion, your choice can be a WYSIWYG editor. In order to add images and videos, you can use a WordPress Media Library. With other features, your website users can subscribe to posts on their newsfeed. They will be able to create their own account in order to get access to the right parts of the website and also comment posts. Finally, you can get a responsive design for the back and the front end of the WordPress site. That features are helpful especially for bloggers, however, they are also useful for company websites, online magazines, web stores, news portals, and community platforms.

WordPress CMS extensions and SEO plugins

The other advantage of the WordPress CMS is a huge number of add-ons. You can find around 40000 extensions or even more. We would not discuss here each of them but let’s look at some of the best. WooCommerce is an online trading plugin which helps WordPress users to implement a web shop to their website. WordPress is considered as a secure CMS, however, an additional security can be helpful. Wordfence Security is a good option to protect a website from malware. In order to create a quick and easy backup, you can use WP-DPBackup. One of the most popular tools is Jetpack. It gives you an access to many other tools to optimize WordPress. Also, Jetpack can increase site traffic.

There are many SEO plugins which you can choose to optimize your website. For instance, Yoast SEO provides page analysis, optimize meta and links elements. Also, it integrates with social media. Google XML Sitemaps creates sitemaps. If you wish to get the suggestion about which action should be taken, we advise trying Broken Link Checker. More about WordPress SEO you can find in this article.

WordPress themes

The theme is a template which determines the design of a website. WordPress provides a large number of themes. Choosing a particular theme is an important step to get a successful website. The theme of your website can highlight a particular function of your website. Also, choosing the right theme makes your website more accessible. Be aware, some themes and plugins can be harmful to your website. Unfortunately, not all extensions are produced be professional developers. In order to protect the system update your extensions regularly.

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