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Coma Web Development is happy to share with you the main WordPress terms. Opening your blog and website requires terms knowledge. We provide the basic WordPress terminology without which it will be difficult to understand how WordPress works. The terminology helps you to build WordPress vocabulary and make working with WordPress easier.


File Transport Protocol is a data transfer protocol with which help you can exchange files between two computers, without the computer operating system consideration. In order to control downloads and data uploads use the browser or special programs. For instance, you can try FileZilla. FTP is useful if you getting the problem to transform file from local PC. One of the FTP’s goals is creating backups and migrating servers.


WordPress installation is a core. During your blog downloading you receive the core. Starting with the basic structure you can transform it into a unique completed site. Of course, you will be provided with an option to customize and install themes and plugins together with content optimization.

Back end and front end

One of the most important WordPress terms is a front end and back end. As you already know every CMS has both back end and front end areas. We as users see is called front end. What does mean the front end? The front end includes the interface of the site with all it visible content, the design, and the layout. In contrast, the back end involves the coding. Of course, the back end is counted as an invisible part which is not shown to users. The back end, however, is invisible to the user and can only be accessed by the site’s webmaster.


MySQL is a popular open-source database management system which is offered by most internet providers. In order to add, expand, or accesses the data DMS is used as the basis for every dynamic web presence. In another word to say, without using MySQL a WordPress blog is not possible to create.


Permalink is an import factor in SEO. In other words, a permalink is a hyperlink in an article or post which link to the website. You can find permalinks setting in WordPress admin area. Coma Web Development describes what else can improve SEO.


PHP is a part of WordPres terminology. As you know already WordPress is based on PHP. What is PGP? It is a script language or a programming language to write websites. There are other script languages but PHP provides the availability of functions together with database support and protocol integration.


Widgets are expressed as individual elements such as the newest articles, calendar, and others. You can easy integrate widgets into the sidebar. Get accesses to the admin area of the menu to manage widgets.


Those who is new to WordPress terminology can be confused what does plugin mean. The main function of a plugin is to offer users additional features and the opportunity of expanding the core of WordPress site. In order to get the right plugin, open the admin area and choose the plugin according to it functions. Remember, you can always regular your plugins and updates of plugins. All you need is to access admin area and choose among administration, deactivation, and deletion.


With ‘tags’ help you can easy categorize numerous keywords. Individual topics can be classified with the help of these keywords. Of course, you can skip ‘tags’ option if it is not needed.


The design of themes is called as a theme in WordPress. That WordPress term is quite popular. You will be provided with a large range of themes which you can use for a simple blog. You can purchase advanced design of the blog. In order to activate a new theme, you have to check design part of the menu. Feel free to create your theme or customize the existing one. Advanced WordPress users or users with HTML, CSS and PHP knowledge may have an advantage using themes.

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